Venice + the Dead. Requiem for a City

Venice + the Dead. Requiem for a City

Kristóf Szabó F.A.C.E. Visual Performing Arts (GE)

Duration: 75’

nonverbal performance



Directed by: Kristóf Szabó

Directed and choreographed: by Kristóf Szabó 

Stage-set: Kristof Szabó
Construction of the stage set: Ulrich Krähling

Audio-art / live performance: József Iszlai
Video-art / live performance: Ivó Kovács
Dancers: Karolina Tóth, Waithera Schreyeck, Lili Oksanen, Lenah Flaig
Performer: Boshi Nawa
Light: Simon Kwame – Kristóf Szabó 
Music: György Ligeti (arr. József Iszlai), Monteverdi, József Iszlai


Photo: Oliver Stroemer for amaze, Stagemoments

A water level higher than 140 cm is considered an exceptional flood in Venice. In the last 150 years there have been eighteen such floods. In the last three years there have already been seven. 

VENICE + THE DEAD is a dance performance with 3 women, 3 villa skeleton objects and an angel in mystical company. Their dancing together is existential, lyrical and full of hope. Nevertheless: doom is approaching. To the apocalyptic-like music of György Ligeti, the three inhabitants of the lagoon city dance prepare themselves in a manner reminiscent of Renaissance paintings. Will the drowned woman be saved after all? Keep Breathing - everyone shouts to her: not only she, but also the whole city holds its breath. Like a goddess in red, life itself appears and brings the city and its inhabitants back to life anew... 

Venice needs help. The streams of tourists flood the alleys.




The production was sponsored by the Cultural Department of the City of Cologne and by the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, represented by NRW Landesbüro Freie Darstellende Künste. In 2019-2022 (period of production), the Kristóf Szabó F.A.C.E. Ensemble was financially supported by the RheinEnergieStiftung Kultur. The production is a cooperation between K.Szabó F.A.C.E. Ensemble and the Orangerie Theater Cologne. The participation in TESZT 2023 was financially supported by the Cultural Department of the City of Cologne. 

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Opening hours of the ticket office: 11:00-19:00 daily during the festival


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