InFusion Trio

InFusion Trio

Jazz concert


Duration: 90 min.



Mihály Simkó-Várnagy
Izsák Farkas
Weisz Nandor



Unique sound, peculiar orchestration, and one of a kind technical realisation on a global level. These are the characteristics of the InFusion Trio, that was formed in december, 2011. Its members are qualified classical musicians, proficient in both classical and popular music. The InFusion Trio’s peculiarity lies primarily in the unique choice of their instruments. The electric violin, the electric cello, the bass guitar, the synthesizer and the electronic drum connected to effects pedals create an exceptionally original sound field. Another crucial innovation is the utilization of looper pedals, which can record and multiply themselves on the spot. The end result provides a fascinating concert experience as the audience can follow the buildup of loops and the gleesome, virtuosic, lighthearted play of the musicians.

Online tickets:

Opening hours of the ticket office: 11:00-19:00 daily during the festival


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