Dr. Faustus theater-concert

Dr. Faustus theater-concert

Arte Factum Theatre Company

Duration: 66’


Strobe effects, smoke, nudity

Performed in Romanian, with Hungarian and English surtitles


Direction, music, interpretation : Kocsárdi Levente

Author of the text: Simona Donici, after Thomas Mann and Leonard Bernstein



Kocsárdi Levente 
Alexandra Mahu
(voice, flute)
Victor Geru
Maksay Csaba Zsolt


Nocturnalii inside, a project financed by the Municipality of Timișoara through the Center for Cultural Projects

Partners: Culture and Art Center of Timiș County, Csiky Gergely Hungarian State Theater Timișoara

Sponsors: Beta Optic
Photo credit : Cornel Putan, Bujor Popa


DR. FAUSTUS THEATRE-CONCERT is part of EXT@TESZT, the festival section dedicated to independent theatres from Timișoara




The crisis of inspiration of the creator, the tragic vocation of failure, the polarity and fragility of the artist, the fatal compromise and the inner self subject to the inner experience of time, the relationship between nothingness and the eternal, the disjunction of the schizophrenic genius are the themes that make up the architecture of this atypical contemporary theater music concert, inspired by the life story of the composer Adrian Leverkühn, recalled by his intimate friend Serenus Zeitblom. "We live in a time when the rules of the <<new world>> and the need for art, theater, music have an ambiguous, fluid relationship": Kocsárdi Levente composed the music, directed and performs this show, based on Thomas Mann's masterpiece, a theater-concert that approaches the Mephistophelian pact from a new perspective, a contemporary Faust, with the dissonances and acutes of the world under the terrifying sign of the unpredictable.

Dr. Faustus theatre-concert is an evolutionary musical project, conceived in the Arte Factum Theatrical/Musical Introspection Laboratory.


Tickets for "Dr. Faustus theater concert”, „Grand Hostel Timișoara” and „Zambara Kabarett” will be sold directly by theatre companies from Timișoara.

Link for online tickets: http://bitly.ws/E2Ge


Franciscan Studio (Centrul de Cultură și Artă al Județului Timiș): str. E. Ungureanu nr.1







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