Bitola National Theatre (MK)

Noah's New Macedonia

Directed by Kokan Mladenović

Dramaturg: Biljana Krajčevska

Assistant director: Jovica Ristovski

Musician composer: Irena Popović

Choreography: Andrea Kuleshević

Scene design: Valentin Svetozarev

Costume design: Blagoj Micevski

Lighting design: Ilija Dimovski

Sound design: Aleksandar Dimovski

Stage manager: Miroslav Lazarevski

Video design: Goce Veselinovski

Photography: Aleksandar Bunevski


With: Viktorija Stepanovska-Jankulovska, Ilina Čorevska, Sandra Gribovska, Ognen Drangovski, Katerina Anevska-Drangovska, Angela Dimitrova, Valentina Gramosli, Martin Mirčevski, Nikola Stefanov, Petar Spirovski, Nikola Projčevski, Borče Gjakovski

The project of the author and the director, “Noah’s (New) Macedonia” represents community engaged theatre satire that aims to investigate the mechanisms of political megalomania, manipulation, abuse of historical documents and forging of historical facts, for the benefits of a particular group of people which at a certain historical moment proclaims itself not only as a savior but also as a founder of the whole nation and its tradition.

Undoubtedly, referring to the historic megalomania of the former Macedonian government and their projects that distorted the image of the nation, “Noah’s (New) Macedonia” will try to go further into the Monty Python’s absurd.

On the basis of the assumption that at the moment of the finale of the megalomaniacal transformation of the capital into late ancient metropolis, a document was found implying that Mount Ararat (in the Book of Genesis, the mountain where Noah’s Ark comes to rest) isn’t the well-known Ararat but Shararat, in particular, Mount Shara in Macedonia – a story unfolds about one new circle of historic insanity.

Can they resist a challenge like this and not seize the opportunity, instead of “world’s oldest nation” to become the genuine oldest nation, first and unique, the nation that lives on the ground of the Old Testament’s events and the one that made possible the survival of the planet “embracing Noah’s ark that kept the specimens of the world we know”?

This issue, that like narcotic affects the brain of the nationalists and political megalomaniacs, ignites a new circle of insanity, new acts, new expenses and retroactive change of the complete history.

Kokan Mladenović, director


Running time: 1h 35’

Performed in Macedonian with English, Hungarian and Romanian surtitles.




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Str. Alba Iulia nr. 2

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