Forte Company - Szkéné Theatre, Budapest (HU)

Nyikolaj Erdman

The Suicide

Directed by Horváth Csaba

Dramaturg: Rácz Attila

Music: Ökrös Csaba

Costumes: Benedek Mari

Light design: Payer Ferenc

Production coordinator: Kudron Anna

Director’s assistant: Stangl Franciska

With: Fehér László, Földeáki Nóra, Pallag Márton, Kádas József, Blaskó Borbála, Andrássy Máté, Hevesi László, Pallag Márton, Krisztik Csaba, Nagy Norbert, Rossa Levente

Wanting to stay alive can have terrible consequences. It is enough to think about the people left behind empty-handed. It is inhuman. Nikolai Erdman’s comedy, this absurd play written in the 20s of the past century concentrates all the elementary experiences of the Slavic culture. “I’ve fallen in love with my own belly, fellas!” The little unemployed bourgeois stands face to face with history as an exclamation mark. What can be more terrifying in the life situations of Semion Semionovici Podsekalnikov, called a bit exaggerated chaplinian, than his own fear of the suicide done out of pure altruism for the sake of the others?

Forte Company’s show does not talk about what could happen, but about what is happening. The same as Bulgakov who, talking about the humanity and the greatness of the Soviets, wrote to Stalin that it is as good as being buried alive.

Sponsors: Ministry of Human Resources (Hungary), Management of Funds for Human Resources (Hungary), National Cultural Fund of Hungary

Running time: 2h 15’

Performed in Hungarian, with English and Romanian surtitles.




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