Szkéné Theatre, Budapest (HU)

Háy János:


Directed by Bérczes László

Set Design: Sárkány Sándor

Costume Design: Kárpáti Enikő

Original music by: Dresch Mihály

Assistant: Gábos Kati

Assistant Director: Kiss Mónika

Mucsi Zoltán
Lázár Kati
Katona László
Ilyés Róbert

Moldvai Kiss Andrea

Molnár Gusztáv

“We are wounded, vulnerable and fallible as such, but we can understand each other exactly via this fallibility. However we live in an age when fallibility is concealed as a rule. I find this to be an anti-human and anti-existence way of thinking, as fallibility is the fundamental experience of existence. It barely makes possible for us not to fear the other. As nobody is perfect. Perfection is fearful – and dull, boring. The Lord spent only six days on creation, because he didn’t want it to be perfect.”

(Háy János)


“ should we live. Háy asks. He asks, not says. Since he doesn’t know the answer. Neither do we know, hence like him, we can only ask. [...] Obviously we are also approaching the end: that is part of the deal. But the end of the deal is not present yet. And to keep it in distance, we save ourselves to the tomorrow, to tomorrows. With love, hackwork, alcohol, small liars, self-deception. [...] Now we are not so beautiful and innocent but we still go ahead. Yet, where is ‘ahead’ exactly?”

(Bérczes László)


Running time: 2h 10’

In Hungarian with English and Romanian surtitles




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Str. Alba Iulia nr. 2

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Fax: 0256 494 029