Reflektor Theatre / Bitef Theatre (SRB)

Macho Men

Concept: Milena Bogavac and Vojislav Arsić

theatrical documentary about masculinity here and now


Concept, direction and dramaturgy:

Milena Bogavac and Vojislav Arsić


Co-authors and performers:

Alek Surtov, Đorđe Živadinović Grgur, Jovan Zdravković, Marko Panajotović, Nemanja Puvača, Nikola Pavlović, Uroš Novović, Rastko Vujisić


Choreography and scene movement: Ljiljana Tasić

Original music: Vladimir Pejković

Costume: Pull My Daisy


Sound design: Miroljub Vladić

Lighting Design: Dragan Đurković

Head of technology: Ljubomir Radivojević

Expert Consultants: Jelena Bogavac and Mila Manojlović


Producer: Aneta Goranović

Direction of documentary movie: Ivan Stojiljković

Photography and Video: Miloš Mitrović

Design: Sanja Drakulić


Support: CARE NWB, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, DKC Majdan, Alma Quatro

In the desire to fit in the socially acceptable matrix of gender behavior, young men do many things that are detrimental to their physical and also mental health. Society expects of them to prove their masculinity by showing strength, determination, courage, fighting spirit and bravery,which often leads them into destruction and self-destruction. Brought up in a culture where the male expression of emotions is considered to be a sign of weakness, young men repress their emotions and transform them into destructive behavior. This theatre play is intended to draw attention to the problem, but also to document the story of the generation born during the Balkan wars, a generation whose value system was formed in the transition and is, therefore, confusing and insufficiently firm.

The main theme of this play is masculinity and the way it’s treated and shaped in our culture. The idea and the message it should convey is the message of freedom, of personal achievement and effort to overcome the culturally imposed norms that prevent young men to be themselves.


Running time: 1h 20’

Performed in Serbian with English, Hungarian and Romanian surtitles




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