Toša Jovanović National Theatre Zrenjanin (SRB)

Igor Štiks:


Directed by Boris Liješević

Music composer: Jelena Popržan

Scenery: Vladimir Savić

Costumes: Drina Krlić

Songs lyrics: Igor Štiks



Dejan Karlečik

Milan Kolak

Jovan Torački

Edit Tot Miškeljin

Sanja Radišić

Stefan Juanin

Miljan Vuković

Zrenjanin talks about the events of the recent past and our present. The transition from socialism to neoliberal capitalism has plagued the country in a manner which is more perfidious than all the wars; and the rich industrial city has turned into a wreck, dying shell, empty body on wheels.

Factories that have fed thousands of families are left to the most terrible permitted theft and devastation. Everything we got as legacy from the founding fathers who had built the country was thrown into dirt, trampled on, spat upon, humiliated, scarred. Factory halls are empty, rusty gates bear witness to the glorious past and to us, those who did not know how to accept that legacy. Rebellion is born in this wasteland. We ask ourselves what is to be done - should we not question the unjust system and the order if we see no other way, and if we cannot go on without those who became immensely rich during a short time and in questionable manner, and is our silence earning us our bread crust?

Who is righteous?

Those who die trying to save public property, society and the city itself, or the ones who get hurt trying to protect themselves and preserve the existing situation? If both of them get hurt - what to do?

This performance tries to understand what has happened to us and how, not accept it as fate.


Running time: 1h 20’

Performed in Serbian with English, Hungarian and Romanian surtitles

Recommended for spectators aged 14 and older




300077 Timișoara, România
Str. Alba Iulia nr. 2

Tel.: 0256 434 814
Fax: 0256 494 029