Jászai Mari Theatre, Tatabánya (HU)

Tadeusz Słobodzianek:

Our Class

Directed by Guelmino Sándor

Translation by Pászt Patrícia

Set Design: Fekete Anna

Costumes: Kárpati Enikő

Stage manager: Kánai Gergely

Prompter: Tóth Bianka

Musical collaborator: Lovas Gabriella

Movement: Király Attila

Director assistant: Modla Marietta



Danis Lídia

Bakonyi Csilla

Egri Márta/Töreky Zsuzsa

Mikola Gergő

Dévai Balázs

Crespo Rodrigo

Király Attila

Jegercsi Csaba

Megyeri Zoltán

Kardos Róbert

The Polish writer Słobodzianek follows the fate of several students at a school class, presenting the political involvement of their country through the personal narrative and shocking reminiscences of ten Polish and Jewish children, from 1925 to present days, looking at the horrors of the 20th century. Found at the brink of a cloudless childhood, the Second World War breaks out, and the class falls under the siege of the Bolshevik dictatorship first, later fascist terror, and then again by communist tyranny. With the spread of various ideologies, their mutual conflicts intensify; good friends become active participants of betrayals, and their initially carefree games turn into a string of horror stories as they reach adulthood. The play which uses details from authentic events is not just mirroring the complicated Polish-Jewish-German-Russian relations of the 20th century, but also conveying a universal message about understanding and its inexistence among people, as well as the historical process of how innocent jokes, irresponsible statements, and insignificant conflicts imperceptibly turn into open hatred.

Our class is a shocking narrative about individual and common sin, responsibility and truth, which no one seems to require.


Running time: 2h 30’
Performed in Hungarian, with English and Romanian surtitles






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