Csiky Gergely Hungarian State Theatre, Timisoara (RO)

Patrick Ellsworth:

Dancer in the Dark

Directed by Kocsárdi Levente

based on the film by Lars von Trier

Musical composed by Vlaicu Golcea


Translated by Demény Péter

Choreography: Cristina Lilienfeld

Set design: Mihai Donici

Costume design: Mihaela Crețescu

Sound-design assistant: Uțu Pascu




Selma: Magyari Etelka

Gene: Makkai Gergő

Kathy: Csoma Judit

Bill: Balázs Attila

Linda: Szilasi Eszter Júlia

Jeff: Kiss Attila

Samuel: Aszalos Géza

Norman: Vass Richárd

Brenda: Éder Enikő

Prosecutor: Lőrincz Rita

Oldrich Novy: Horányi László

Cameraman: Mátyás Zsolt Imre

Dr. Williams, Dolores: Tar Mónika

Lawyer, Detective: Molnár Bence

Judge, Deputy director: Lukács Szilárd

Dr. Garon: Mihály Csongor

Busker-witness: Molnos András Csaba

Drummer: Lázár Dávid

The imperfection of the judicial system, and its inevitable errors, can be considered bearable when counterbalanced by divine justice. But what if the immanent justice also fails? Selma, an immigrant living in the USA in the 1960s, who is in love with musicals, seems to be the perfect victim of both faces of justice. Selma is a loving mother, good friend, eternal dreamer, but she will be destroyed by the money and interest-driven putrid system in American pseudo-democracy. By using the generous genre of the musical, the performance asks questions about the inerrability of the legal system, the American Dream and our personal limits.


Running time: 3h, including an intermission

Performed in Hungarian with surtitles and simultaneous translation in English and Romanian




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Str. Alba Iulia nr. 2

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