Trafó / Secret Company / Füge Production, Budapest (HU)


Written and directed by Kárpáti Péter

mystery play

Dramaturge: Zsigó Anna

Music: Csizmás András

Set: Veronika Keresztesová

Production manager: Trifonov Dóra

Carpenter: Szabó Sipos Ágoston

Consultant: Téri Gáspár

With: Stefanovics Angéla, Fekete Ádám, Szabó Zola, Kárpáti Pál, Viktor Balázs, Georgita Máté Dezső, Kárpáti Liza

Tomfairy is a mystery play based on legends and folk tales about Jesus Christ and Saint Peter, who wander around towns and villages, visiting the poorest of the poor. Countless variations of these tales can be found everywhere in European cultural heritage, similarly to visions and legends about the doomsday.

Tomfairy is a play about poverty and hope, mixing tradition with ingenuity. Hungarian

playwright Péter Kárpáti creates a new language in his play, where the universe of Hungarian folk-tales unfolds in a vivid and reflective way, relating strongly to our present day and age. The live instrumental music played by the actors during the performance completes the play’s visionary world.


This is the theatre of the poor, in its strictest sense: it operates with only a few items on stage, but with plenty of playfulness and humour, with the added bonus of not being site-specific...

A baby has to face countless dangers before being born. This is particularly true when the baby in question is Tomfairy, the hero who will save the world.


Running time: 1h 20’

Performed in Hungarian with English and Romanian surtitles





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Str. Alba Iulia nr. 2

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