Ioan Slavici Classical Theatre, Arad (RO)

Our Town

Directed by Cristian Ban

By Cristian Ban and actors in the cast, adapted Our Town by Thornton Wilder

Set Design: Cristina Milea



Ioan Peter

Cecilia Lucanu-Donat

Alex Mărgineanu

Angela Petrean-Varjasi

Dorina Darie-Peter

Ștefan Statnic

Robert  Pavicsits

Roxana Sabău

Călin Stanciu

“I was born in Arad and many times I have wondered who used to live in those buildings that are now labeled as «historical monument», or what sort of shops there were 100 years ago instead of the drugstores and casinos on the boulevard today, and what people were doing on a Saturday evening.

In many aspects, Our Town is a natural follow-up of the project Ai mei erau super!, a very intimate and special meeting with the actors from the ensemble. Together with them I have built and rebuilt scenes, characters, stories from the town of Arad. Using the structure of the cult play Our town, written by Thornton Wilder in the ‘30s, and starting from interviews, books and photographs from the archives of the History Museum, the script of the play was created during rehearsals, with the aim of offering the audience a new perspective on the people who lived in our town, and maybe on the idea of community, as much as it still exists and it is possible today.”  (Cristian Ban)


Running time: 1h 30’
Performed in Romanian with English and Hungarian surtitles
Recommended for spectators aged 14 and older




300077 Timișoara, România
Str. Alba Iulia nr. 2

Tel.: 0256 434 814
Fax: 0256 494 029