Subotica National Theatre, Hungarian Company, Subotica (SRB)

Ingrid Lausund:

Slipped Disk

Directed by Veljko Mićunović

Dramaturg: Slobodan Obradović, Gyarmati Kata
Set design: Marija Kalabić
Costumes: Marko Marosiuk
Costumes assistant: Tamara Santrač
Director’s assistant: Kulhanek Edina

Pálfi Ervin
Kovács Nemes Andor
Pesitz Mónika
G. Erdélyi Hermina
Ralbovszki Csaba

It takes only one day to get acquainted with workplace harassment, sentimental terror and the exhausting methods of intimidation, but in a manner which allows us to laugh  euphorically at ourselves… How many times have you felt like consumables? How many times have you really tried and the reward was insignificant? How many times have you lost „your spine” without being aware of it?

In the capitalist society, which devours our body, mind and soul, human resources are only marketable goods, used arbitrarily and with ruthless arrogance by the ones who are leaders of the hierarchy, exercising power. The author, Ingrid Lausund, gives form to this terrible social craze, starting from the famous German precision. Yet, the servitude universe of the South is more instinctive, therefore more controversial. Employees’ vulnerability is the same everywhere, but the way in which they confront this world and their own reactions - even if dressed in suits and wearing a tie or heels - brings them down to the level of animals.  The performance displays the overlapping of the capitalist terror regime, imposed by the West and the straitjackets of Balkanic instincts in Central Europe.

Running time: 1h 30’
Performed in Hungarian, with English and Romanian surtitles





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