Bitef Theatre / Czk Tivat / Maszk / Think Tank Studio (SRB-HU-MNE)

Jami District

Directed by Kokan Mladenović

Documentary theater performance about the oldest nation in the world!

Performed text: Milena Bogavac
Original music: Marko Grubić
Actors: Isidora Simijonovic, Jelena Graovac, Nina Neskovic, ft Nemanja Dragaš

Musicians: Dzemal al Kiswani, Marko Grubic (VROOOM)!


Nations produce wars and wars produce nations.

Who started it? It will be proven!

The nation which proves it has evolved directly from apes

Gets a free ride in the amusement park of history.

Get involved! There’s place for everyone in Jami District.


JAMI DISTRICT is a theatre performance which tackles with the notions of nation and national states in the high-tech world of the 21st century. Starting from the fact that nation is a construct and a term developed in the 19th century, this performance asks a question: how did the 19th century invention manage to look as if it has been there forever?

Do we still need the “good” old nations in the era of internet, artificial intelligence and modern medicine? What will replace nations and national states?

And who’s worse: nations or corporations ?!

By the end of the 21st century, it is expected for most intellectual and physical work to be done by robots. Will robots have national consciousness? Will there be robo-patriots and robo-nationalists? Will the idea of nation end up in the junkyard of history, or those believing in it? Will we walk into the 22nd century wearing the 19th century shoes? And do those worn shoes cause blisters? They haven’t looked pretty for a long time. But are they comfortable?


Running time: 1h 40’

In Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian with translation into English, Hungarian and Romanian

Recommended for spectators aged 14 and older






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