Harry Giles (UK)

What We Owe

Directed and performed by Harry Giles

one-to-one performance

Trapped in a maze of final demands from which you may never escape? Pestered by obligations to friends, family and the television? Cowering under the weight of your debts? What We Owe is the highly unqualified debt counselling service FOR YOU. We’ll lead you through the journey of what you owe – not just financially, but also emotionally, socially, ecologically and more. In just 20 minutes, we promise to leave you lighter and happier – or at least with a colour-coded spreadsheet. Vanquish your debt monsters! Burn your student loan statements! Ignore your friends! In an economy driven by huge financial debts, What We Owe is a tragicomic look at what we mean by debt, and how we might struggle to even begin to cope with it.


Opening night: 20 June 2013

Duration: 20 minutes

The performance requires basic English understanding. If needed, we are able to provide Hungarian or Romanian simultaneous interpretation.

We would like to inform our viewers that only one person can participate in this performance at a time. Due to the format, we advise you to arrive 10 minutes before the starting time. After purchasing your ticket, please write us an email to where we will provide additional information and also inform you if there is a delay.




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