Xavier Bobés (ES)

Things easily forgotten

Written, directed and performed by Xavier Bobés

Original title: Cosas que se olvidan fácilmente


Costume designer: Antonio Rodríguez

Last year, I realised that my memory was starting to go. I also noticed that my mother was starting to forget things with big gaps in her memory. Things easily forgotten is a photographic show that transforms memories and, like forgetfulness, invents new ones instead. (Xavier Bobés)


A brief history of Spain in the second half of the 20th century. A card game turned into a show.


Around a small table, in an intimate salon setting, a powerful sequence of close-up sensory experiences invokes old memories and invents new ones. Through this miscellany of sights and sounds, objects and photos, a fascinating story unfolds exploring memory and identity. Like a magician, or a medium in a séance, Xavier Bobés manipulates both past and future.


Opening night: 3 July 2015

Duration: 75 minutes
In English with Hungarian and Romanian translation




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