SILK Fluegge, Linz (AT)

I will dance you till the end of…

Directed by Silke Grabinger

one-to-one performance

Production management: Olga Swietlicka

Performed by

Elias Buttinger Choi

Weng Teng Choi

Dudás Gergely

Adelina Nița

How does it feel to stand opposite oneself, to discover oneself as a possible version of the self? How is it to question oneself as the self that could be or that could have been? In this intimate performance the performer appropriates the identity of the spectator and uses it. This may trigger irritation, wonder, but also allows for deep reflection on intimacy and the importance of our face/look in our identities.


The spectator has the opportunity to see themselves in various genders and bodies but also to see themselves in a new relationship to themselves and to ask their 'other' self questions. The field of tension results from the partial reversal of the performer-spectator relation, respectively  from this reflective situation in which the mirror image is always a little distorted. Is it not true that one tends to see oneself in the other? And doesn’t this projection also allow for some empathy?


Opening night: 21 November 2014

Running time: 20 minutes
Non-verbal performance

We would like to inform our viewers that only one person can participate in this performance at a time. Due to the format, we advise you to arrive 10 minutes before the starting time. After purchasing your ticket, please write us an email to where we will provide additional information and also inform you if there is a delay.




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