Koreja Theatre, Lecce (IT)

Katër i Radës. The Shipwreck

Directed by Salvatore Tramacere

Original title: Katër i Radës. Il naufragio

Written by Alessandro Leogrande

Composer and musical direction: Admir Shkurtaj

Assistant director: Emanuela Pisicchio

Set and Lights: Michelangelo Campanale

Costumes: Stefania Miscuglio

Set production: Mario Daniele

Technicians: Mario Daniele, Alessandro Cardinale



Simona Gubello, soprano

Alessia Tondo, folk voice

Stefano Luigi Mangia, experimental voice

Margherita Pugliese, soprano

Emanuela Pisicchio, actress

Anna Chiara Ingrosso, actress

Fabio Zullino, actor

Mariasole De Pascali, flute

Marco Ignoti, bass clarinet and Bb clarinet

Giorgio Distante, Bb trumpet and live electronics

Jacopo Conoci, cello

Vanessa Sotgiu, piano

Pino Basile, cupa cupe and percussions

Nazo Çelaj, Nikolin Likaj, Meleq Çela, Sali Brahimaj, Valter Hodo, polyphonic choir (traditional songs from Albania)

Katër i Radës is not just an opera of the memory. It is an effort, through music, to release the universe of the people who lived one of the many tragedies of the Mediterranean: close to the coast of Italy, a small Albanian boat overloaded with men, women and children sank in March 1997. This one act opera is crowded by the Drowned and the Saved, by those who survived and those who died, by their voices, by their thoughts and especially by their journey into the darkness, full of great anxieties and small wishes, dreams and fears, digressions, apparitions, sudden recollections. (Alessandro Leogrande)


Opening night: 12 October 2014 (in co-production with the Venice Biennale)

Duration: 45 minutes

In Italian and Albanian with English, Hungarian and Romanian translation




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