Agrupación Señor Serrano (ES)


Directed by Agrupación Señor Serrano

Created by Alex Serrano, Pau Palacios and Ferran Dordal

Voice: Simone Milsdochter

Project manager: Barbara Bloin

Lighting design and video programming: Alberto Barberá

Sound design and soundtrack: Roger Costa Vendrell

Video creation: Vicenç Viaplana

Scale models: Saray Ledesma and Nuria Manzano

Costumes: Nuria Manzano

Production assistant: Marta Baran

Scientific consultant: Irene Lapuente / La Mandarina de Newton

Project advisor: Víctor Molina

Legal advisor: Cristina Soler
Management: Art Republic

Performed by

Vicenç Viaplana

Pau Palacios

David Muñiz

Two mirages. On the one hand, wars, droughts, massive deforestation, polluted coasts, labor exploitation, political instability, poor sanitary conditions, persecution, forced deportation, abuse of natural resources, depleted aquifers, food shortages… On the other hand, stocked supermarkets, safe streets, family stability, good health services, freedom, paid work, respect for human rights, welfare, recycling and renewable energies, prosperity, social mobility… And in between, flocks of birds. Thousands of migrating birds constantly drawing impossible shapes in the sky. Movement. Ceaseless movement. Birds... and beyond, planets, asteroids, raw materials, galaxies, blood, cells, weapons, atoms, electrons, advertising, quarks, ideology, fear, waste, hope. Life. Nothing in the cosmos is quiet. Stillness is a chimera. The only thing there is... is movement. If it is impossible to stop an electron, what’s the point in building fences against flocks of birds?


Birdie is a multimedia performance with live video, objects, Hitchcock’s The Birds revisited, scale models, 2000 mini animals, wars, smugglers, a massive migration and three performers handling this messy world with wit, criticism and commitment to humankind.


Opening night: 6 July 2016

Duration: 60 minutes

In English with Hungarian and Romanian surtitles




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Str. Alba Iulia nr. 2

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