TESZT collaboration with ATECC 2021

This year’s edition of TESZT will be part of “Xtensions”, a program implemented by the Association Timisoara European Capital of Culture 2021 (ATECC 2021). The drive behind “Xtensions” is to promote already existing successful cultural events in the city. After contributing to the Eurothalia European Theatre Festival last year, the Association will include TESZT 2018 on its agenda by supporting the participation of maximum 8 unique performances to TESZT2018, all of which were submitted via the Open Call that ended on January 5th.


As of January 1, 2018, I am no longer employed at the Csiky Gergely Hungarian State Theatre, furthermore I have also resigned from my position as the artistic coordinator of TESZT festival.

We celebrated duly at the 10th anniversary of TESZT, as we felt it important to evaluate all previous editions. The fact that the open call for the 2018 edition attracted almost 300 applications, speaks volumes about how this festival has grown into a defining theatre event of the region, one that also draws considerable international attention.

Powerful Messages Keep Rolling

In my opinion, having a mere poem, in this case it being an old "dusty" sonnet, and turning it into a visual action-full work of art can be a dreadful operation and not many would venture into doing it. Nevertheless, the writer of the script for this play not only had brains to do it so incredible and accessible to an impressive variety of people, but also ingeniously adapted it to the times we live in today, which made me realise how little the world around us changes no matter how many wars and peace treaties we go through.




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