TESZT Is Looking for Volunteers

Are you a theatre lover? Do you enjoy meeting new people? Do you speak English and would like to test yourself out in an international environment? If you would like to  go behind the scenes at an international theatre festival and you recognise yourself in the description above, sign up to become a volunteer at TESZT!

Do yourself a favour! – Workshop by Ivo Dimchev for developing solo performances at the TESZT festival

The choreographer and performance artist Ivo Dimchev, one of the returning guests of TESZT is known for breaking taboos in his provocative and boldly physical pieces. While his work blends performance art, dance, theatre, and visual art, Dimchev’s enormous musicality and his remarkable vocal gift are at the centre of each of his productions. The audience attending the festival will have the chance to see the world famous performer on May 28th, at the closing concert of TESZT, when he performs Songs from My Shows, presenting songs from his past performances.


Walling – as we, and also the dramaturge, theatre specialists and theatre students use to call it – is basically a kind of festival newspaper written on the walls of the theater`s foyer. Anyone can join in with their own comments, doodles or drawings – it is an old custom at the TESZT.  




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