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Ana Tasić -

Timișoara – The ninth edition of the Euroregional Theatre Festival TESZT was organised by the Hungarian State Theatre Csiky Gergely from 22nd to 29th of May. This festival of increasing importance for the entire region, opened officially with the performance „Hungarian” directed by Urbán András, a coproduction of the Hungarian State Theatre Csiky Gergely and Theatre „Kosztolányi Dezső“ from Subotica.

TESZT 2016 – an intense theatre week in Timișoara

Timișoara ȘtiriOpiniaTimisoarei

The events of the ninth Euroregional Theatre Festival TESZT, which ended on Sunday night with Bulgarian artist Ivo Dimchev’s performance “I cure”, gathered an audience of about 2800 people. The end of TESZT actually continued until Monday morning and the break of dawn, as participants, artists and spectators unwillingly parted with the festival atmosphere and stayed inside the theatre or nearby, sharing impressions and sensations after an incandescent week. From May 22nd to May 29th, TESZT presented the audience with plays from Serbia, Hungary, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy, Portugal, Bosnia Herzegovina, Belgium, Macedonia and Romania, performed in three halls in Timișoara, which were full to the last seat for every performance: The Main Hall and Studio Hall of the Hungarian State Theatre Csiky Gergely and the hall inside the Military Circle.

TESZT 7. Closing day with dance and cards

Simon Judit – Erdélyi Riport

So the 9. TESZT has come to an end on Sunday with three performances and the traditional “see you next year” goodbye speech. In this year’s edition we had some provocative, exciting and vapid shows, like any other festival, but the scales are turned towards the good rather than the bad things. Festival closing chronicle by Simon Judit.

TESZT Festival des ungarischen Theaters im rumänischen Timisoara, ein Erfolgsprojekt

Dieter Topp – OnlinePresse

Das TESZT FESTIVAL in Timisoara, der drittgrößten Stadt des Landes, hat seine neunte Runde überstanden. Ein Kommentar von Dieter Topp hierzu und dem sozio-kulturellen und geo-politischen Umfeld …

To wipe out the past for good?

Lőkös Ildikó – art7

The first thing that catches my eye: the great organization, lots of young people, the hectic design – things that were always like this: friendly atmosphere, personal touch and helpfulness.

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